Vacuum cupping/Hijama for hair regrow

Cupping is a traditional therapeutic practise in which cups are placed on the skin to create a suction effect. Glass, silicone, or plastic cups are commonly used. The advantages of vacuum cupping include
● Enhanced blood circulation
● Muscle tension is lessened
● Discomfort is relieved
● Relaxation

Hydra Keravive (scalp cleanse)

A scalp cleansing treatment called Hydra Keravive is intended to encourage a healthy scalp and hair development. Benefits of Hydra Keravive include:
● Deep cleansing
● Exfoliation
● Nourishment
● Enhanced hair appearance

Hair Mask treatment (For smooth hairs)

A deep conditioning hair mask treatment offers a number of advantages for shiny, healthy hair. The following four succinct points list its advantages:
● Strong hydration
● Restorative and nourishing
● Increased gloss and texture
● Long-term health of the hair

Hair growth mask

Hair growth masks are hair care treatments used to encourage hair growth and enhance general hair health. Here are four succinct benefits of using a hair growth mask:
● Promotes Hair Growth
● Stabilizes and Conditions Hair
● Enhances Scalp Health
● Improves Hair Texture and Appearance

Clay mask

Applied on the face for numerous advantages, clay masks are a type of skincare product manufactured from natural clay. Four brief examples of its benefits are given below:
● Initial Deep Cleaning:
● Detoxification
● Controlling oil
● Skin Care

Shampoo mask frequency healing

A hair care product known as a "shampoo mask healing" combines the advantages of a shampoo and a hair mask into a single item. The advantages of a shampoo mask healing therapy are outlined in the following four succinct points:
● Deep hydration
● Replenishes moisture
● Makes shine better
● Encourages healthy scalp

Hair oil nourishing treatment

Applying oil to the hair and scalp in order to nourish and improve its health is known as a hair oil nurturing therapy. Here are four advantages of nourishing hair oil treatments:
● Feeds the scalp
● Makes hair stronger
● Improves shine
● Enhances the texture of hair

Nutrition and treatment (package)

Shirodhara is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment that entails pouring warm oil or other liquids gently over the forehead. It frequently comes as a part of a comprehensive treatment plan that also includes other Ayurvedic methods and therapies. Shirodhara's advantages in four points:
● Deep unwinding
● Renewal
● Mental acuity:
● Better sleep hygiene


In the Nasya package, herbal oils or powders are administered through the nostrils as part of a traditional Ayurvedic treatment. It is mostly employed to treat problems with the head, neck, and respiratory system. The Nasya bundle has the following four advantages:
● Opens up the nasal passages
● Improves mental acuity
● Reduces headache pain
● Encourages wholesome respiration

Dandruff treatment

Treatment for dandruff entails controlling and minimizing the flaking of the scalp brought on by an overgrowth of the yeast-like fungus Malassezia. Here are advantages of dandruff treatment:
● Less flaking; Itching relief; A healthier scalp ; Better Hair Condition

Hair fall treatment

Treatment for hair loss refers to the numerous strategies and tactics utilised to address and stop hair loss. In a nutshell, hair fall therapy has the following four advantages:
● Hair Regrowth
● Increased Self-Assurance
● Stopping more hair loss
● Enhanced Scalp Wellness