Dry cupping

Dry cupping is a suction-only approach in which cups are placed on the skin without any additional treatments such as bleeding or incisions. Magnetic cupping includes the use of cups with built-in magnets. Magnetic cupping has a number of advantages including Pain alleviation and relaxation

Wet / bleeding cupping

Wet or bleeding cupping is a type of cupping therapy in which small incisions are created on the skin before suction cups are applied. This practise is thought to suck out "bad blood" and toxins, so increasing circulation and facilitating healing. Pain reduction, detoxifying, and overall well-being may be among the advantages.

Running cupping Gliding

Running cupping gliding is a cupping therapy version in which suctioned cups are moved over the body as oil is applied for a massage-like effect. Its benefits include enhanced blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, muscular relaxation, and stress release, supporting overall wellness and pain alleviation.

Flash cupping

Flash cupping is a type of cupping therapy in which suction cups are swiftly applied and removed from a specific body location. Its benefits include enhanced blood circulation, greater lymphatic drainage, pain alleviation, muscular relaxation, and the potential therapy of respiratory diseases, though further research is needed for conclusive evidence.